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Railway Safety for Kids
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Railway tracks, rail yards , railway bridges and crossings are all extremely dangerous places and many children are killed all over the world playing in these areas. Don't do it! Follow the rules!

Important Railway Safety Tips

  • Don't throw anything at a train - it could bounce back and really hurt someone
  • Never put anything on a train track, this could cause a serious accident
  • Stay away from train lines and rail yards. They are dangerous places and many children have been killed doing so.
  • Never climb on railway equipment. It could move suddenly and you could get seriously injured.
  • Don't play with a ball around railway lines
  • Never go inside box cars. The doors can close automatically and if you get stuck in there with no food or water, no-one will know you're there and you could die.
  • Stay off railway bridges. If a train comes you can be killed. Jumping off to get out of the way might result in serious disability.
  • Don't fly kites or fish anywhere near overhead electric railway cables
  • Don't go near railways to make graffiti

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"Train your Brain Railway Safety" games ages 6 - 12

"Train your Brain Railway Safety" games

Go to the Canadian Operation Life Saver Kids 'Train your Brain' website which is a HUGE interactive kids fun house for railway safety! "Rover the Railway Rabbit" is the main character. The site includes railway safety audio stories featuring Rover the Rabbit and other characters. there are also games (a digital painting game and Rover's....Read More


"Obie the Locomotive Railway Safety" activities ages 6 - 12

"Obie the Locomotive Railway Safety" activities

In this resource there are four Railway Safety audible stories. These are "Safe Crossing", "A Magical Day", "Obie's Story", "Obie and Max's Special Visitor"). Further resources include "Obie's Travel Quiz" as well as "Safety Tips" plus a crossword (look for the words 'whistle', 'crossing', 'locomotive', 'signs',....Read More


"Railway Safety Knowledge" Quiz ages 9 - 12

"Railway Safety Knowledge" Quiz

The twelve questions posed in this Quiz will test your Railway Safety Knowledge. See how many you can get right! Questions ask about train speeds, electricity,....Read More


"Railway Golden Safety Rules" Notes ages 9 - 12

"Railway Golden Safety Rules" Notes

These Revision Notes are concerned with the "Five Golden Rules" relating to railway fences, railway bridges, playing around railway platforms, flying kites and throwing stones. The Notes also include three pieces of key information you should....Read More


"Railway Dangers" Notes ages 9 - 12

"Railway Dangers" Notes

In these Notes, first study the railway scene then see if you can identify all of the dangerous situations children are putting themselves in. The picture is not interactive or clickable but why not print it out and see....Read More