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Working Scientifically for Kids
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Working scientifically can be interpreted in many ways but typically it means being able to research and gather relevant information, ask relevant questions, and be able to test ideas out in a valid way by performing simple controlled tests.

For scientific purposes, and indeed in life, it is important to be able to think and work scientifically. Thinking critically and really questioning the world around you in a logical and structured way can improve many facets of your life. You will more likely to be able to solve life's inevitable problems and it could possibly raise your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and improve your language abilities.

Being able to work scientifically and work logically can help you out in every job in life, from the obvious engineering and technical discipline as well as finance, management and even running your own business. Basically, everything! Some people question whether it can stifle creativity but we don't believe there is a valid argument for this.

Some key facts you will learn about working scientifically should enable you to:

  • Observe, gather and record data
  • Ask simple questions, carry out straightforward tests and think about solutions to problems
  • Classify and group similar items
  • Measure, record and report data accurately in various formats
  • Identify similarities and differences between items
  • Use valid and fair test methods and work out how to set them up
  • Identify patterns in data
  • Use some scientific equipment
  • Controlling variables

In order to help you to work scientifically, we have pulled together a good variety of experiments, activities, game, videos and student notes to really guide you in the key aspects of working scientifically.


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"Parenting Science Hands-on Experiments" activity ages 4 - 6

"Parenting Science Hands-on Experiments" activity

Try these various activities with your carers and try to answer some of the key questions. You are encouraged to try things out and learn as you go along. The aim is to have fun and....Read More


"Sorting & Using Materials" Game ages 5 - 6

"Sorting & Using Materials" Game

Find out the properties of household items by inserting them into the test machine which tries to bend them and pours water over them. After you have finished, you should be able to group the items (such as waterproof but not bendy etc.). When you have sorted all the objects....Read More


"Learning about the Seasons" Activities ages 5 - 7

"Learning about the Seasons" Activities

These activities teach you about the months and their order in the calendar as well as the four seasons. The activities ask you to group pictures, fill out tables of the seasons and put away seasonal clothes into the correct wardrobe. There is even some information on how animals....Read More


"Desert Island Materials" Game ages 5 - 7

"Desert Island Materials" Game

In this great material properties game you get to choose one of three levels of difficulty. For the medium game, you need to sort the items from the shipwreck into various categories e.g. soft objects, floating objects etc. In the next level you collect items made of certain materials like metal or wood. On the Hardest level you need to....Read More


"Growing Plants" Game ages 5 - 6

"Growing Plants" Game

Water your plant and press the 'grow' button to see if you can make it grow to its full potential. Then you need to name the various plant parts in the matching game. Once you have....Read More


"Spooky Mansion Light" Game ages 5 - 7

"Spooky Mansion Light" Game

Help Molly get away. She is trapped in the Spooky Mansion. To do this you must identify the light....Read More


"Rock and Roll" Games ages 5 - 7

"Rock and Roll" Games

Learn all about forces in this rocks movement game! There are 3 levels of increasing difficulty and complexity. The easiest asks you to decide if you need to push or pull the rock to move to the correct position. In the 2nd level you also need to decide what power level to choose (i.e. how hard to push or pull). In the hardest game....Read More


"Dissolving Materials" Game ages 5 - 7

"Dissolving Materials" Game

In this game of 3 levels about dissolving you need to predict which objects dissolve and which don't. You also need to see if you can work out what....Read More


"Kitchen Materials" Game ages 5 - 7

"Kitchen Materials" Game

A great 3 level game to play with kitchen ingredients and make some food in the kitchen. You need to choose the right implements to prepare the food correctly. Then you need to decide if you should heat or cool the food. Finally, you need to work out what will happen to certain....Read More


"Plants Cafe Scientific Investigations of Plants" Activities ages 6 - 11

"Plants Cafe Scientific Investigations of Plants" Activities

A great site with lots of lesson plans for teachers and activities for children. There are plant related experiments, plant food modules, art....Read More


"Grouping and Changing Materials" Game ages 6 - 7

"Grouping and Changing Materials" Game

A good game to test the grouping of objects based on the material they are made from. Watch the conveyor belt as various objects go past. Then take them off and put them into the correct groups. You have a choice of metal, rubber, glass or wood. Then try and work out why each....Read More


"Using Electricity" Activity ages 6 - 7

"Using Electricity" Activity

Learn about electricity and electrical circuitry. The activity asks you to complete the circuit by adding various components such as motors, light bulbs and batteries. After you have changed things a little and seen what works....Read More


"Forces and Movement" Game ages 6 - 7

"Forces and Movement" Game

In this game, various sized cars can be moved on a toy track. You need to work out how far they will travel in each case. Lots of factors affect the result including friction, the size of the pull or push and the height of the hill which the....Read More


"Spaceship Materials Properties" Game ages 7 - 11

"Spaceship Materials Properties" Game

In the science fiction game you need to persuade the alien to build his spaceship out of the incorrect materials. You need to test all various types of materials first and write down their properties on completion of the test. Once you know the properties of all the materials, trick the alien by advising him to use the wrong ones to....Read More


"Characteristics of Materials" Game ages 7 - 8

"Characteristics of Materials" Game

You have a test machine and you can use it to test lots of common objects to see what properties they have. The testing machine will show you if the items are transparent, flexible, strong or waterproof. Once you have tested out all of the items then you are asked what are the best materials to make various objects out of e.g. a tyre....Read More


"Animal Classification" Activity ages 7 - 11

"Animal Classification" Activity

In this activity, there is a number of different animal categories such as reptiles, mammals, fish etc. and you need to decide which category the items or characteristics shown belong in. Some category examples....Read More


"Teeth and Eating" Activity ages 7 - 11

"Teeth and Eating" Activity

In this activity you need to help your friend get released by the aliens by correctly interpreting their food requirements after checking the alien's teeth. Once you have identified what types of teeth he has then you can take a good guess at what food he eats.....Read More


"Rocks and Soils" Game ages 7 - 8

"Rocks and Soils" Game

Find out all about the properties of rocks by placing different ones in the rock property test machine. Pull the levers and you will find out if the various rocks float, are permeable or wear well. Write down your answers and check it against the....Read More


"Helping Plants Grow Well" Game ages 7 - 8

"Helping Plants Grow Well" Game

Try and grow the plant to its full potential by giving it the correct amount of heat, light and water. See what happens if you don't! After you have....Read More


"Human and Animal Habitats" Activity ages 7 - 11

"Human and Animal Habitats" Activity

Can you work out which habitat the animals are best suited to? Also you need to say why some animals are NOT suited to a certain environment. There are lots of regions to choose from e.g.....Read More


"Plant & Animal Habitats Game" ages 7 - 11

"Plant & Animal Habitats Game"

Return the lost aliens to their correct home and habitats. You need to read the clues about what the aliens like and what the habitat features are. Then match them! Finally,....Read More


"Rocks and Soil" Adventure Game ages 7 - 11

"Rocks and Soil" Adventure Game

In this Sci-Fi game's scenario, you need to try and defeat the alien Trickster. He has enslaved humans who are made to work in the mines in order to remove precious minerals from planet Earth. The aims of the game are to learn all about the properties of materials (e.g. marble, granite and soil) by testing them and to....Read More


"MI High: Plants" Game ages 7 - 11

"MI High: Plants" Game

In this Science Fiction game you need to make sure the alien weed grows quickly by modifying all the conditions such as light, water and heat. Once you have saved Sarah Jane then read the Student Notes and have....Read More


"Solids and Liquids" Game ages 8 - 9

"Solids and Liquids" Game

You have control of a testing station to learn all about melting and melting points. You need to insert different items into a beaker. You can then heat up and cool down the beaker to see if there are any changes. Due to the limited temperature your test system is....Read More


"A-Maze-Ing Underground" Games ages 8 - 12

"A-Maze-Ing Underground" Games

The aim of this game is to make sure the soil is made as healthy as possible by adding the correct amount of soil nutrients (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) before the timer runs out. Collect the fertilizer then see how your plant grows with both the correct amount and incorrect amounts of the nutrients. Note that movement is by the....Read More


"Seasons Module & Workbook" activity ages 8 - 9

"Seasons Module & Workbook" activity

Lots of activities in this large printable workbook (e.g. experiments, crosswords, quizzes etc.). There are a number of revision topics all about the earth and how its tilt....Read More


"Survivor Soak" Game ages 8 - 11

"Survivor Soak" Game

Play this pure and simple water balance game and try to grow as many corn cobs as you....Read More


"Circuits and Conductors" Activity ages 8 - 9

"Circuits and Conductors" Activity

Change the electrics in this online game to try and light up a bulb. There are plenty of things you can add to the circuit ; some will help, some won't. You can add more batteries into the circuit to see what happens. This is a great way to learn the basics of an electrical circuit. And the....Read More


"Solids, Liquids & Gases" Game ages 9 - 10

"Solids, Liquids & Gases" Game

Boil the liquid in a contained environment and note down the result then condense the gas and write down the effect. Then remove the lid and re-boil and note down the result. There is a sorting game too where you have to decide, for each item, whether they are a gas, liquid or solid at room....Read More


"Alien Interact Shadows" Game ages 9 - 11

"Alien Interact Shadows" Game

Find out all about transparent, translucent and opaque objects in this engineering lighting and shadows game. The aim of the game is to see the effect on the shadows when various lit objects....Read More


"Changing State" Game ages 9 - 10

"Changing State" Game

You have a beaker of ice being kept at -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Farenheit). Heat the beaker up to 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Farenheit) and the ice turns into water. Then re-cool the water to freeze it again to check the comparative volumes of water to ice. Then reheat, boil it at 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Farenheit) and....Read More


"Bounce a Ball" Activity ages 9 - 12

"Bounce a Ball" Activity

In this activity you can try dropping a selection of balls from the same height to see how they bounce. They are all made from different materials and have differing material properties and characteristics. You can vary the height and....Read More


"Changing Sounds" Game ages 9 - 10

"Changing Sounds" Game

Have a great time making different musical sounds! You have various instruments at your disposal (even a milk bottle with water in it!) and you can vary parts of the musical instrument to see what effect it has on the pitch and how loud....Read More


"Earth, Sun and Moon" Game ages 9 - 10

"Earth, Sun and Moon" Game

Can you get the earth to do a complete axis rotation and the moon to go round the earth once by modifying the time parameters? How long does each of these take? Once you have modified time and successfully completed the task then see if....Read More


"Photosynthesis" Activity ages 9 - 13

"Photosynthesis" Activity

A great way to learn all about photosynthesis including the chemical reactions taking place in plants and whereabouts in the plant they actually take place. Complete the diagram activity where you move the items (e.g. sun, oxygen etc). into the correct places on the plant photosynthesis diagram. Then learn more about leaves and all the....Read More


"Forces of Wonder" Game ages 9 - 13

"Forces of Wonder" Game

See how strong you are in the Circus Show by picking the correct force type (e.g. shearing, tension etc.). See the Circus Crowd's reaction as you....Read More


"Reversible & Irreversible Changes" Game ages 10 - 11

"Reversible & Irreversible Changes" Game

Can you dissolve certain substances in water? Try by mixing up household substances in a jar of water and see if they dissolve. The next step is to see if you can get your original substance back easily by reversing the change either by cooling, applying heat or through a filtration process.....Read More


"Park World Theme Park" Sleuth Game ages 10 - 14

"Park World Theme Park" Sleuth Game

You need to go to the theme park and complete all the training courses in the training centres to understand how forces work in this amazing theme park forces mission. Once you are trained up, you're ready to investigate and find out which ride has been tampered....Read More


"Classification" Activity ages 10 - 13

"Classification" Activity

Firstly, read up and learn about various animals. Then try the activity to see if you can identify living things with backbones and living....Read More


"Micro-Organisms" Activity ages 10 - 11

"Micro-Organisms" Activity

See if you can find the places where the micro-organisms are situated in this tranquil scene. Once you have found them, click on the spy glass to find more details. Some of these micro-organisms do a very useful job for humans and are deemed as helpful whilst others can cause us harm. You need to decide which is which by sorting them....Read More


"Interdependence and adaptation" Activity ages 10 - 11

"Interdependence and adaptation" Activity

Find the living organisms in the woodland scene. Learn about each one then carry out the sorting activity where you need to complete the food chain. Finally,....Read More


"Forces and Movement" Activity ages 10 - 11

"Forces and Movement" Activity

Work scientifically by carrying out the truck forces and movement experiment. Change the elevation of the track, the truck weight, air resistance etc. and see how far the truck travels each time. Make a note of all the distances travelled and fill in the matrix....Read More


"Changing Circuits" Activity ages 10 - 11

"Changing Circuits" Activity

Another example of an online circuitry game with the added bonus of being able to toggle between electrical diagram mode and pictorial mode. This time you can add items to the circuit to try and see the effects on the light intensity of some bulbs. Switches, coiled wires etc. are all included in this great....Read More


"Watershed Explorer & Watershed Detective" Activities ages 11 - 13

"Watershed Explorer & Watershed Detective" Activities

Search out living things (animals & plants) and find out detailed information on them. Then, carry out water sample analyses, investigate how pollutants are affecting the Watershed and....Read More


"Melting Rocks" Activity ages 11 - 14

"Melting Rocks" Activity

Change various parameters such as water, pressure & temperature and try to make magma from rock by taking it above its melting point. You can either increase or decrease the values to....Read More


"Corrosion" Notes ages 11 - 13

"Corrosion" Notes

Some great details on corrosion and how some of the Canadian pipeline system located underground is protected as far as possible by various methods such as utilising a sacrificial anode or cathodic protection etc. How to carry out a controlled rust experiment with nails in water is explained.....Read More


"Biodiversity Data" Game ages 11 - 16

"Biodiversity Data" Game

In order to minimise the effects on the environment, you are asked to be a farmer who collates data in the local habitats to help decide which landscaping project should go ahead. You have some experts you can call upon and ask them to research all of the regions and gather....Read More


"What's Up with the Water" Activity ages 11 - 16

"What's Up with the Water" Activity

Find the problem in the water plant by investigating each stage of the process and deciding if it is operating correctly to the required performance standards. You need to check the reservoir, the chlorine injection system, alum and....Read More


"The Transformer" Activity ages 11 - 16

"The Transformer" Activity

At the beginning you have three elements as your raw materials. You need to choose two of these (from iron, carbon and silicon) and then you get the choice whether to heat, treat or beat the material. The Transformer then carries out your instruction and makes something which....Read More


"Dirty Water Filtration" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Dirty Water Filtration" Activity

You are in control of a Water Treatment Plant and you are taken through a real experiment with a few litres of dirty water to see....Read More


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