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Animals including humans for Kids
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Learning about animals (including humans) can give you a real understanding of how they function and what various parts of their bodies do. Each body part has a specific function that has evolved over a very long period. To learn how animals and humans evolved and survived in their various habitats then read our articles on 'EVOLUTION AND INHERITANCE' and 'HABITATS'.

Having a good knowledge of animals is extremely valuable in a multitude of jobs such as animal care worker, biologist, dentistry/doctor / nurse, dog trainer or kennel worker, equestrian (horse) work, farm work, forestry work, ornithologist (birds), pet shop work, ranger, RSPCA work (protection of animals agency), veterinary work, zoo work.

Some key facts you will learn about animals should enable you to :

  • Identify various common animals e.g. fish, birds, reptiles, mammals, invertebrates and any sounds they make
  • Know the difference and be able to identify carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and those animals used to provide food for human consumption
  • Be aware that animals and humans have offspring and their various stages of growth
  • Be able to name various parts of the human body
  • Be able to compare body parts of the different types of animals including skeletons and muscles)
  • Understand what basic things animals need to survive (air, water and food of the correct types and in the correct quantities) and how these are transported within their bodies
  • Understand the need for humans to exercise and eat nutritious food
  • Understand digestion in humans and the various key parts that make this up
  • Understand the different types of teeth in animals and their basic function
  • Know about the human blood and circulation system and component parts

We have put together a list of some great resources below which you should find really useful in getting to know all about animals. There are some great games and activities (so you'll have loads of fun learning) as well as revision notes and quizzes to test your knowledge.


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"Catch the Fun Frisbee" Animal Planet Game ages 5 - 8

"Catch the Fun Frisbee" Animal Planet Game

You are the little dog and you need to see how many Frisbees you can catch in 30 seconds per level! Red Frisbees are worth 25 points and orange ones are worth 50 points. Use the spacebar to jump and catch....Read More


"Dog's Day Out 'Dog Park' Super Frisbee" Game ages 5 - 8

"Dog's Day Out 'Dog Park' Super Frisbee" Game

In this additional game, you can choose the colour of your Pooch, pick an accessory then customise it. Then you are ready to take your dog for a walk. The aim is to jump and catch Frisbees and dog biscuits whilst avoiding the obstacles such as park benches, fire hydrants and logs. You....Read More


"Cheetah Rock" Game ages 5 - 7

"Cheetah Rock" Game

You play the role of a cheetah and your goal is to make it back to Cheetah Rock and be reunited with your mother! There will be dangers along the way and you must keep up your strength....Read More


"Fish Food" Game ages 5 - 7

"Fish Food" Game

The aim of this game is to become the biggest fish in the Ocean. To achieve this you need to eat and eat and eat! Eat smaller fish and seaweed. But be careful, bigger fish are able to eat you so avoid them at all costs! Use your mouse or on a touchscreen use your finger. There are some hazards to avoid too (e.g. sharks, electric eels....Read More


"Matching Pairs Monkey" Activity ages 5 - 8

"Matching Pairs Monkey" Activity

This is a 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' memory test activity with some real wacky primates! Your job is to match pairs of monkeys. When you find two monkeys doing the same thing, click one then the other and they disappear. Your task is to clear the tree of all the monkeys!....Read More


"Tree Frog" Game ages 5 - 8

"Tree Frog" Game

The aim of this game is to play the part of a tree frog and to eat as many insects as possible. Before you can carry on to the next screen you must eat every single one of the bugs. As you can imagine, you need to watch out for....Read More


"Animal Hospital" Game ages 5 - 7

"Animal Hospital" Game

The aim of this game is to help Max in the animal hospital. On the medium level you need to treat the snake, crocodile, rabbit, owl and mouse. In the Hard level, you need to match the baby animals and their parents. In the Really Hard level you need to help make the animals better by choosing the best item. You need to help the cat, the....Read More


"Plants and Animal Environments" Activity ages 6 - 7

"Plants and Animal Environments" Activity

The object of the game is to check the pictures and see how each one moves. Each animal moves in a different way. There are two objects that are not alive as well, can you spot them? For each animal, click the Labels button and see if you can name each part of the animal by dragging the correct name to the....Read More


"Plants and Animal Environments" Activity ages 6 - 7

"Plants and Animal Environments" Activity

Find the 8 animals and plants and click them! Read the detailed description when you select the magnifying glass to learn more! You then have to match them to their habitat. In the final part of the activity you are shown younger pictures of some plants and animals and must guess what they have grown up into. Then, click....Read More


"Tiger Trail" Game ages 6 - 9

"Tiger Trail" Game

In this short game from San Diego Zoo, you have 3 levels to play. Initially levels 2 and 3 are locked so you must play on the Easy Level 1. Move your tiger....Read More


"Safari Park Adventure" Game by San Diego Zoo ages 6 - 9

"Safari Park Adventure" Game by San Diego Zoo

There are 6 levels to this game. Your aim is to collect all of the wild animal cards in each level and you then get promoted to Safari Park Ranger. A fantastic levels game where you can run, jump, push, jump on the rolling safari and ride the flightline. An amazingly detailed game which can provide hours of fun! Start at level 1 (African....Read More


"Wildlife Crafts and Activities" from San Diego Zoo ages 6 - 9

"Wildlife Crafts and Activities" from San Diego Zoo

There are 5 pages of crafts including Leafy Animals Craft, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Fuzzy Koala Friend, Fuzzy Caterpillar Buddy, Plant Paints, Tissue Paper Butterfly, Wolf Organizer, Piata for a Pet, Caterpillar Keepsake Box, Feed the Frog, Handy Elephant, Lion Mask, Tapir Door Hanger, Tapir Sock Puppet, Fluffy Panda Face, Panda Pal, A Stripy....Read More


"Meerkat Manor : Catch the Pups" Game ages 6 - 10

"Meerkat Manor : Catch the Pups" Game

The first step is to choose your character (Flower or Zaphod). Flower is faster than Zaphod but not quite as strong. The aim of the game is to catch all your pups and take them back to your Den before the time runs out (70 seconds) or all of your strength has been drained. You need to watch out for snakes and eagles which sap your....Read More


"Andy's Prehistoric Quiz" ages 6 - 8

"Andy's Prehistoric Quiz"

First watch Andy's Prehistoric video series on BBC iPlayer or if you know your dinosaur facts already, see if you can answer Quiz questions based on the show. Answer the....Read More


"Teeth and Eating" Activity ages 7 - 8

"Teeth and Eating" Activity

There are 3 animals missing their teeth and one animal has no teeth. You need to match the 3 sets of teeth to the 4 animals. (penguin, lion, human and sheep). Then, click on each magnifying glass to find out more about the teeth of an omnivore, herbivore and carnivore. Then....Read More


"MI High: Plant and Animal Habitats" Game ages 7 - 11

"MI High: Plant and Animal Habitats" Game

The aim of this game is to help the alien animals get back to their planet safely by matching them with their correct habitat. Read the clues to see what might suit them! Remember, the habitat must have sufficient shelter and food available. When you have....Read More


"Mutt Maker" Game ages 7 - 11

"Mutt Maker" Game

Here you can create your very own crazy dog breed. You can cross any dog with any other. Great fun with some really funny results. Choose from Bassett Hound, Beagle, English Bulldog, Chihuahua, Collie, Dachshund, Dalmation, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Pug, Rottweiler, Chinese....Read More


"Pet Spa Challenge" Animal Planet Game ages 7 - 11

"Pet Spa Challenge" Animal Planet Game

Here you are running the whole Pet Spa on your own! All your colleagues are ill and have not turned up to work and you need to do it all yourself and it will be a very busy day! You need to cut, wash, brush, accessorize, and clean up! You also need to stroke and feed treats to keep the pets happy.....Read More


"Food Chains" Activity ages 7 - 11

"Food Chains" Activity

Your job is to find the deadliest predator from the ones shown (the one at the top of the food chain). Some of the land animals shown are grasshopper, Goshawk, Toad, Tiger, Adder, Asian Elephant, common buzzard and stellar sea lion. Some of the sea animals are orca, herring, pacific cod and stellar sea lion. Choose either the land....Read More


"Meerkat Manor : Grab-a-Snack" Game ages 7 - 11

"Meerkat Manor : Grab-a-Snack" Game

Your job is to catch the Meerkat's dinner. In level1, you have 40 seconds to grab 20 snacks for the meerkat. Be careful, you lose 2 snacks for each Cobra snake. As you progress through the levels you must catch more and more food for the Meerkat....Read More


"Be Bear Aware" Activity Quiz ages 7 - 11

"Be Bear Aware" Activity Quiz

The aim is of this Bear Game is to navigate through the path in the National park and take the safest route and avoid the Bears. You need to answer some Quiz questions correctly to move along! All the questions are about Bear Safety. Questions relate to feeding bears, a bear's ability....Read More


"MI High Human Life Cycles" Game ages 7 - 11

"MI High Human Life Cycles" Game

Play the game which has the teacher (Mr. Flatley) having accidentally taken an anti-ageing potion and it has reversed his human life cycle so he is getting younger. You must stop it before the school parent's evening! You need to take 5 photos of him as a baby, toddler, teenager, young adult and middle aged adult. Then you need to give....Read More


"Skeletons and Muscles" Game ages 7 - 11

"Skeletons and Muscles" Game

Help to make the Deadly 60 show by filming various animals and then do some cool editing of the film. The animals shown are really quick either to catch their food as predators or to run away from them! The next step is to watch the footage of each animal then match the animal bones to the correct place on the animal's body. Then....Read More


"Teeth and Eating" Activity ages 7 - 11

"Teeth and Eating" Activity

Clyde has been sent to a Judoon jail in this activity and you need to help get him out by feeding Captain Tybo with some delicious food in order to persuade him into releasing Clyde. Learn about teeth from ominivores, herbivores and carnivores. Then find out what food Captain Tybo eats by inspecting a specimen of his jaw which has....Read More


"Moving and Growing" Activity ages 8 - 9

"Moving and Growing" Activity

Press the 'MOVE' button and watch how the animals move. There is a human (boy), horse, fish and an ant. Learn more great facts about these animals by clicking the magnifying glass. After you've watched the animals move and read up on some facts you can look at each of their skeletons and try to match the animals' body....Read More


"Blast Off" Space Game ages 8 - 12

"Blast Off" Space Game

This game pretends your body is a space rocket and you must fuel it with lots of healthy ingredients so you can 'Blast Off' into space in a healthy manner. You also need to do a little exercise and this combination of healthy eating and exercise should allow you to get to Planet Power. Remember, you need a balanced set of foods from the....Read More


"Healthy Water Healthy People" Interactive Activity ages 8 - 12

"Healthy Water Healthy People" Interactive Activity

This activity is all about how your body uses water. The resources include fascinating insights into how water is used in the boy and contain an....Read More


"Elephant Odyssey" Game by San Diego Zoo ages 8 - 11

"Elephant Odyssey" Game by San Diego Zoo

Go back 200,000 years in time with the Mammoths (which pre-dated elephants as their ancestors) and learn how they lived. You start off as a male Columbian Mammoth in the Interglacial Pleistocene Period (a long time ago!). You can first try the Mammoth training given by your mother! She tells you how to run and 'talk' with the other....Read More


"Name that Shark" Activity ages 8 - 11

"Name that Shark" Activity

There are almost five hundred shark species on the planet Earth. The object of the game is to solve puzzles to see if you can name them! Some of the sharks that can be named are the Angel....Read More


"Batty Bug Eater" Activity ages 8 - 11

"Batty Bug Eater" Activity

The Bat eats lots of different insects and you need to find their names on the word puzzle. There are ten to find and you have plenty of time, 10 minutes. But see if you can do it more quickly. The insects you need to find are beetle, cranefly, firefly, gnat, ....Read More


"Who's Who at Fish School?" Activity ages 8 - 11

"Who's Who at Fish School?" Activity

The teacher, Ms. Phish, has lots of fish in her class. They are running around playing tag and she wants to know who is who. There are 7 fish, Slimy, Gulper, Sport, Finny, Scaly, Gilly and Bubbles. You are given some clues based on their....Read More


"Termite Tower Maze" Game ages 8 - 11

"Termite Tower Maze" Game

You play the role of a baby termite and you are trying to find the termite queen through all the termite tunnels in the maze. You will learn some really interesting facts about termites as you go along. Eat the food as you go along and zoom bonuses. You can also answer some optional termite....Read More


"Firefly Code Cracker" Activity ages 8 - 11

"Firefly Code Cracker" Activity

See if you can crack the Fire Fly riddles! There are 5 words to crack, see if you can do it. The clue is 'What do fireflies say to start a race?'. The first letter of the first word is 'G' and you are told how this is worked out. But working....Read More


"Mission Migration" Game ages 9 - 11

"Mission Migration" Game

Help the flock of birds migrate while learning about the decisions you make every day can affect how migrating birds are affected. Choose from a robin, common yellowthroat, great egret or a red tailed hawk. Each one has different speed, stamina and agility rankings and you need to make sure they find....Read More


"Fish Games" ages 9 - 14

"Fish Games"

A fantastic collection of fish related games including "Bass Fishing Challange", "Fishing Trip Online", "Hooked Monster Fishing", "Fishing With Floats", "Hungry Piranha", "Fish Claw", "Born To Be Big", "Fishing For Nemo", "Fish That Should Not Be", "Bear Fishing Game", "Gone Fishing", 2Angling Challenge", "The Fishermans Wrath", "Moby....Read More


"Buzz Off" Activity ages 9 - 12

"Buzz Off" Activity

Follow the map directions left by each Bee in this activity word puzzle. Follow the map directions to see if you can work out the clues left by Buzzy Bee, Sweety Bee, Zinger Bee and Honey Bee. See if you can....Read More


"Becoming Human: Building Bodies" Activity and Resource Notes ages 10 - 14

"Becoming Human: Building Bodies" Activity and Resource Notes

The aim of this activity is to make an ape skeleton and a human skeleton from the mixed up box of bones which contains both sets of bones in it. You will realise the bones are very similar indeed but with some noticeable exceptions. After you have completed....Read More


"Interdependence and adaptation" Activity ages 10 - 11

"Interdependence and adaptation" Activity

At the start of the game you need to identify different living things including animals in the habitat picture. Then find out more about each one before completing the food chain and characteristics questions.....Read More


"How the Body Works" Video Revision Notes ages 11 - 16

"How the Body Works" Video Revision Notes

Learn about the Cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels), Digestive system (converts the food we eat into energy), Respiratory system (trachea, lungs and the diaphragm), Nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves), Urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra), Immune System (blood vessels, bone marrow, lymph nodes,....Read More


"Control in the Human Body" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Control in the Human Body" Activity

This is an animated activity related to 'Hormones' (chemical substances produced in the body to regulate some bodily functions). All aspects of hormones are explained including homeostasis. Hormones control water content of our body and control the temperature of our body. Try dragging the hormones to various parts of the male and female....Read More


"Fit for Life : Respiration" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Fit for Life : Respiration" Activity

This animation activity on respiration tells us all about respiration and exercise. It explains how the heart and arteries work. The two pressures (systolic pressure and diastolic pressure) are described too and the factors that affect them (age, diet, exercise levels, stress, body mass). The issues with high and low blood pressure are....Read More


"Human Health and Diet" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Human Health and Diet" Activity

Animated activity explaining all about a balanced diet. It explains about carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibres plus where these come from and the benefits of each. Then it explains how a balanced diet and eating sufficient food, along with taking regular exercise, is the best way to help stay healthy. There is an inbuilt Quiz at the....Read More


"Staying Healthy" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Staying Healthy" Activity

The animated activity shows how bacteria and viruses are the main ways you get ill. There is some background info given then you have an inbuilt activity where you have to try and decide which of the illnesses (influenza, aids, measles, tetanus, typhoid, cholera, whooping cough, rubella etc.) are caused by either bacteria or a virus.....Read More


"Staying in Balance : Homeostasis" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Staying in Balance : Homeostasis" Activity

The animated activity talks about the multitude of things the body needs to stay in balance to remain healthy. The brain's thermoregulatory centre is discussed and why it is so important for your body not to get too hot or too cold. Blood glucose is mentioned and the importance of it staying within a certain tolerance (which is what the....Read More


"Animal Jam" Online Virtual World Game ages 12 - 16

"Animal Jam" Online Virtual World Game

This game needs permission from your carer / parents to play and you should ALWAYS discuss and ask their permission before playing any online chat type game because of safety and security concerns. It is a huge multiplayer online game with chat developed in partnership with the National Geographic Society. There are various levels of....Read More


"Organs in Animals" Revision Notes ages 13 - 16

"Organs in Animals" Revision Notes

This set of notes explains about tissues and organ systems in animals. It explains the different functions of various tissues (e.g. muscular tissue, glandular tissue, epithelial tissue). Organs are then described (which can be made from multiple tissues). Then there are some details of how the digestive system works including a diagram....Read More


"The Blood System" Revision Notes ages 13 - 16

"The Blood System" Revision Notes

These set of revision notes explain about the circulatory system in humans and large animals (heart, blood, arteries, veins, capillaries) and the flow of blood around the body. The Heart is the major organ that pumps blood around the circulatory system and how it works is described in great detail with some interactive diagrams. Both....Read More


"The Blood" Revision Notes ages 13 - 16

"The Blood" Revision Notes

Three short videos are included in these brief Revision Notes which explain the function of blood. Some functions are that it defends the body against infections and transports vital substances around the body to where they are needed e.g. hormones, antibodies, nutrients and waste. The key component parts of blood are highlighted (red....Read More


"Removal of Waste and Water Control" Revision Notes ages 13 - 16

"Removal of Waste and Water Control" Revision Notes

These notes explain all about removal (excretion) of waste products from the human body. Two key waste products that need to be removed are urea and carbon dioxide and the production and removal of these are explained in the text. Then the body's water balance is explained in detail. It explains where we get water from (food and drink)....Read More


"Temperature Control" Revision Notes ages 13 - 16

"Temperature Control" Revision Notes

These notes (and 4 minute video) describe temperature control in the human body and stress that a constant core temperature of approximately 37 C (99F) is required. Normally areas around our feet and hands (our extremities) are cooler than this and the when the body is in a colder environment the body prioritises key organs and diverts....Read More


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