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Learning about Rocks and the Rock Cycle is a fascinating way of learning more about our planet. It is often a part of the Science curriculum in many countries, and for good reasons! Collecting rocks can become a hobby and you can swap with your friends. You may even persuade your parents or guardians to take you out to the beach more : always a bonus! Certainly you'll spend more time outdoors in the fresh air, which can only be good.

It might help you get a job too! A job as a Geologist are well paid and you can end up working on many exciting projects in exotic locations throughout the world involving lots of paid travel. Some Geologists work for energy or mining companies such as oil or gas drilling companies. A job as an Archaeologist is exciting too and you can spend your time learning all about history. You will be able to tell where rocks came from and sometimes more about the volcano activity that brought the rocks to the surface originally and the approximate time they were formed. The structure of the rocks can be analysed and the rock classified as sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic.

Once you understand the basics of Rocks, you should be able to:

  • Group rocks together based on their physical properties
  • Understand how fossils are formed within sedimentary rock
  • Understand why certain types of rocks (e.g. igneous or sedimentary) have their respective physical properties
  • Explore local areas looking for rocks
  • Use a microscope to look at rocks to further understand their formation (grains or crystals)
  • Understand the Rock Cycle

Below we have gathered together a great list of interactive, fun games and training activities with quizzes. These should get you up to speed with rocks and the rock cycle in no time. Is a rock boring? No chance! Every one has a story to tell!


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"Rock and Roll" Games ages 5 - 7

"Rock and Roll" Games

This game teaches about forces more than rocks but is a great rock based game so has been included! Three levels help you decide whether to push or pull the rock and in the harder games how hard you should do it. Then you choose....Read More


"Rocks and Soils" Activity ages 7 - 8

"Rocks and Soils" Activity

Put each type of rock (slate, marble, chalk, granite, pumice) in the testing machine to see different properties of the rocks. Use the levers to test if it wears well, if it is permeable, whether it splits or whether it floats. Try and make a list of each rock and write down the answer for each and see if it corresponds with the correct....Read More


"Rocks and Soil" Adventure Game ages 7 - 11

"Rocks and Soil" Adventure Game

The Trickster has weakened time itself to open a time portal to drain the Earth's Life. He is forcing humans to mine for rocks and minerals. The aim of the game is to find out more about the materials to defeat the trickster. You'll need to build a solid shelter but first need to test slate, chalk, soil, marble and granite then with a....Read More


"Making Glass from Rocks" Activity ages 7 - 9

"Making Glass from Rocks" Activity

Make glass from limestone, soda ash and ash then mix it all up with some colour then heat it in the furnace at 1500C, pour it into a mould then cool....Read More


"Fish Tales" Rock Activity ages 7 - 9

"Fish Tales" Rock Activity

Watch the 2 videos (click next) then play the Fish Tales game where you have to drag the fish to the correct sentence in the quiz question. You'll need to answer questions on....Read More


"Scrambling Squirrels Igneous Rock" Activity ages 9 - 10

"Scrambling Squirrels Igneous Rock" Activity

Watch the 2 videos (click next) then play the scrambling squirrels game where you have to click on the squirrel and acorn with the correct....Read More


"Rock Printable" Activities ages 9 - 12

"Rock Printable" Activities

Print out the sheets on Earth layers, Igneous rock word find, Rocks and Minerals Crossword, Geology Rock Word Finder and the Igneous....Read More


"The Rock Cycle" Animation ages 11 - 14

"The Rock Cycle" Animation

In this animation and set of Revision Notes you will learn all about the three different types of rocks : sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks. You will also learn how each type of rock is made and how rocks get weathered, eroded and transported. Over millions of years the rock cycle is completed after re-sedimentation,....Read More


"Types of rock" Revision Notes ages 11 - 16

"Types of rock" Revision Notes

In these Revision Notes, a detailed explanation of the 3 types of rock are given. Igneous rocks (such as basalt or granite) are formed by magma from Earth's molten interior. Extrusive (smaller crystals) igneous rock is cooled on the Earth's surface quickly whereas intrusive igneous rock (larger crystals) is kept inside the Earth and....Read More


"Identifying Rock Types" Photo Quiz ages 11 - 14

"Identifying Rock Types" Photo Quiz

You have 6 minutes to complete the Quiz. The first step is to identify characteristics of the rock then identify which type of rock it is (igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary). The rocks you will be looking at are marble, a....Read More


"Melting Rocks" Activity ages 11 - 14

"Melting Rocks" Activity

See if you can melt rock into magma by changing temperature, pressure and water content parameters. Asthenosphere rock is very close to its melting point and it just needs a few changes to make it melt. You need to either raise or lower....Read More


"Rocks and the Rock Cycle" Quiz ages 11 - 16

"Rocks and the Rock Cycle" Quiz

Answer 15 questions about the Rock Cycle and Rocks in general. You will need a good understanding of the 3 main rock types (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) plus the way they are formed in the rock cycle for you to get top marks on this one. You....Read More


"Start your Rock Collection" Notes ages 11 - 16

"Start your Rock Collection" Notes

See if you can spot the 6 rocks (conglomerate, gneiss, basalt, limestone, marble and obsidian) then click each one to find out more and....Read More


"The Rock Cycle Diagram" Animated Notes ages 11 - 16

"The Rock Cycle Diagram" Animated Notes

This Rock Cycle diagram has lots of clever in-built animations in order to help explain such topics as 'Weathering and Erosion', 'Compacting and Cementing', 'Heat and....Read More


"Transform the Rock" Quiz ages 11 - 16

"Transform the Rock" Quiz

How do Rocks change? There are five key transformation processes (cooling, melting, compaction & cementing, weathering & erosion, heat & pressure) that you're tested on in this Quiz....Read More