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Light and Sound for Kids
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Light and Sound are both made by waves and having an understanding of how these waves enter our bodies through our eyes and ears is fascinating. Having a good understanding on Light and Sound is required by Light and Sound Technicians, Stage Technicians, Videographers and even camera people. Many theatres and music venues are reliant on talented people in these areas as well as Cruise Ships!

An understanding of how light and sound works can also help give you a greater understanding of how the world works scientifically, logical thinking and also sense of achievement after completing a successful test!


Some of the key things to learn about light are:

  • Never to look at the sun (even with sunglasses on!)
  • Sources of light e.g. sun, electric lamps etc. to our eyes
  • Reflections and Refractions
  • Shadows
  • Transparency, translucency and opacity
  • Light travels in straight lines
  • Light travels as 'waves'


Some of the key things to learn about sound are:

  • Sources of sound
  • How sounds are made & vibrations
  • Sound travels as 'waves'
  • Sound versus distance
  • Pitch and volume
  • Measuring sound in decibels (dBA)

We have put together a great list of activities, games and modular, interactive training activities to give you a good understanding of light waves and sound waves and how they work in reality.


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"Energy Conscious Sesame Street Video and Light Activity" for young children ages 3 - 5

"Energy Conscious Sesame Street Video and Light Activity" for young children

Why we should turn lights off and not waste electrical energy. For a greener world! A musical dance with lots of great tips to save energy by switching off appliances when not in use. The two dogs seem to be....Read More


"Spooky Mansion" Light Game ages 5 - 7

"Spooky Mansion" Light Game

See if you can help Molly escape the spooky mansion! While wandering round the spooky mansion, Molly must click on the sources of light. Get it wrong and the spider drops down and gives you a scare! Get it right by....Read More


"Spooky Mansion Light Activity" printable worksheet ages 5 - 7

"Spooky Mansion Light Activity" printable worksheet

Help Molly say which items are light sources and which items just reflect light. There are 9 items to categorise (TV, mirror, candle, sun, coat, lamp, necklace, cat and the moon). There are no answers given so work it....Read More


"Play Your Sounds Right" Sound Game ages 5 - 7

"Play Your Sounds Right" Sound Game

In the Game, help Molly listen to three sounds and match them to the musical instrument that is being played. Can you guess the correct sound for the instrument? In the printable worksheet, help Molly with some true or false questions about sound. Like 'If you hit a drum harder it makes a quieter sound' or....Read More


"Light and Dark" Activity ages 5 - 6

"Light and Dark" Activity

Drag objects into the centre of the room to see if they are light sources or not. If they are not the room goes dark. If they are, you will see the effect in the room....Read More


"Musical Sound and Hearing" Activity ages 5 - 6

"Musical Sound and Hearing" Activity

Shake the rattles, blow the recorder, hit the drums and strum the guitar gently and then strongly and see the differences these musical instruments make in terms of sound.....Read More


"Alien Attack Detective" Light Game ages 7 - 11

"Alien Attack Detective" Light Game

An intriguing twist on the 'whodunnit theme'. See if you can find out which of the 4 aliens was guilty for trying to blow up earth by entering the secret room and manipulating the lasers. Before you interrogate each alien suspect you must find out about their unique associations with the various aspects of light. Once you have....Read More


"Ocean Odyssey" Sound Game ages 7 - 11

"Ocean Odyssey" Sound Game

Help Mel the Mermaid get her voice back from the Evil Sea Serpent by speaking to Mel's sea friends in Underwater Kingdom. Learn all about sound from them and then finally answer the Sea....Read More


"How we Hear Mind Reader" Sound Activity ages 7 - 11

"How we Hear Mind Reader" Sound Activity

The Professor's latest invention is goggles that allow us to see sound! Join Proton the Cat as he wears these amazing goggles to see how....Read More


"Spellman's Circus Hall of Mirrors" Light Activity ages 7 - 11

"Spellman's Circus Hall of Mirrors" Light Activity

This light activity explains the definition of light sources and reflective surfaces. It also describes how we see things through our eyes. The Game's Story is as follows: Spellman's Circus Hall of Mirrors has trapped Rani! Choose your light source then move the reflective mirrors to....Read More


"Deadly 60 Shadows Activity" ages 7 - 11

"Deadly 60 Shadows Activity"

This activity explains all about shadows and how one is made (when an opaque or translucent object blocks light). Also mentioned is the fact that transparent objects do not create shadows because light passes through them.....Read More


"Deadly Rakweed Sound Activity" ages 7 - 11

"Deadly Rakweed Sound Activity"

This activity explains how sound is made (vibrations through materials enters your ear). The difference between high and low pitches of a sound is explained as well as loudness. In the Game, you have to stop the deadly Rakweed and defeat it with sound! Strum the guitar to make the required loud sounds, soft sounds, high pitch....Read More


"Light and Shadows" Activity ages 7 - 8

"Light and Shadows" Activity

Drag objects into the centre of the room in the way of the light machine and see which ones make the best shadows! Then try it outside the house in the countryside both during the day and at night. How do the....Read More


"Light" Revision Notes ages 7 - 11

"Light" Revision Notes

In these Revision Notes there is some great information on 'Reflection : Mirrors', 'Reflection: Seeing Objects' and 'Light....Read More


"Sound" Revision Notes ages 7 - 11

"Sound" Revision Notes

In these Revision Notes there is some great information on 'Sources of Sound', 'Loudness' and 'Pitch'. You are asked to click each on the 3 boxes in turn. For example in the 'Loudness' section there are 6 slides explaining how a recorded voice message is stored via a microphone onto a computer and....Read More


"Changing Sounds" Game ages 9 - 10

"Changing Sounds" Game

Use 'musical' objects (guitar, milk bottle and drum) to investigate different sounds. For the guitar you can lengthen and shorten the string and pluck gently and strongly to hear the difference in loudness and pitch. For the drum you can loosen and tighten the drum canvas and then bang it gently or strongly to find out the differences in....Read More


"How we see things" Light Activity ages 10 - 11

"How we see things" Light Activity

Drag both angled mirrors into the light path and see how each mirror changes the light's direction. See if you can light up various parts of the park in this fun game! Then,....Read More


"General properties of waves - Light and Sound" Activity ages 11 - 16

"General properties of waves - Light and Sound" Activity

The notes explain the key characteristics of waves (Amplitude, wavelength and frequency) and how to calculate a wave's speed. Wave types are then separated into those requiring a medium (solid, liquid or gas e.g. sound waves) and those not requiring any medium (e.g. microwaves and visible light). Then you are shown how to use an....Read More


"Sound and Light Waves" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Sound and Light Waves" Activity

The Revision Notes go through details about the electromagnetic radiation spectrum which includes radio waves (lower frequency, higher wavelength), microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, X-Rays and Gamma Radiation (higher frequency, lower wavelength). It is explained how visible light can be split through a prism into....Read More


"Telescopes Light" Revision Notes ages 11 - 16

"Telescopes Light" Revision Notes

Telescopes are used for a variety of purposes and especially in observing the Universe. It goes without saying that technical developments in telescopes has been enormous over the years and there are hugely powerful ones available to astronomers nowadays. Mirrors typically use converging lenses and mirrors which magnify, bend and....Read More


"Introduction to Waves Light Activity" ages 11 - 16

"Introduction to Waves Light Activity"

Did you know light is also used for certain electronic devices to communicate? Examples are Morse code and also in CD players. This is similar to the way remote control devices use infrared for televisions etc. Light is actually transverse waves since the vibrations are at 90 to the wave travel direction (unlike sound where vibration....Read More


"Light and Lasers" Revision Notes ages 11 - 16

"Light and Lasers" Revision Notes

A digital signal has two states : either on or off. These are seen as pulses of light and can be used for digital communications. Digital information from light waves or infrared can be carried through optical fibres ('fibre optics') over very large distances and are often used to extend computer networks, for example, from one part of a....Read More