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Movement for Kids
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Often, school Science curriculums include 'Movement' which is all about changing position or place over time. Obviously, some objects travel quickly (they move larger distances in a shorter time) and others travel slowly (they move smaller distances in a longer time). Another word for this is 'motion'! In physics, something will only have its motion changed if a force acts on it.

To have a good understanding of movement it is a good idea to observe lots of different items that do move, such as cars, aeroplanes, helicopters, the moon, parachutes, a thrown ball in the air and you or a friend running and jumping. Then, for older children, you need to understand a little about the various forces that can affect movement such as magnetism, gravity, friction or even a push, pull or throw by yourself. Read our article on 'FORCES AND MAGNETS' here.

Some key things to remember are:

  • Movement of a static object is caused by a force
  • Stopping or changing direction of a moving object needs a force
  • Some forces are due to direct contact e.g. kicking a ball
  • Some forces act at a distance e.g. gravity or magnetism
  • You can design experiments to work out how forces affect movement

See our Games and Activities below which also include revision notes and Quizzes to really get you up to speed on Movement!


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"Sesame Street Dance with Zoe" Game ages 3 - 5

"Sesame Street Dance with Zoe" Game

The aim of the game is to make up a dance with Zoe. You can choose Zoe's dance outfit first if you want. Then select 6 dance moves she will use in her dance routine which you....Read More


"Sesame Street Jumping Rhymes" Game ages 3 - 5

"Sesame Street Jumping Rhymes" Game

Can you make a word that rhymes with the first two words and do a jumping move at the same time? Abby says the first sound and you are shown a fish, a box and a stamp to choose from. An example is given first with "sun" and....Read More


"Fundamental Movement Skills" activity ages 3 - 5

"Fundamental Movement Skills" activity

Australian Government website showing key "locomotor skills" (e.g. running, galloping, skipping, hopping and jumping), "balancing skills" and "ball skills" (e.g. throwing, catching, striking and kicking). Each section has its own printable PDF....Read More


"Pushes and Pulls" Activity ages 5 - 6

"Pushes and Pulls" Activity

A really interesting activity showing you push and pull movements of a toy metallic horse on a track. A plunger pushes the toy and a magnet pulls it to make it move. Friction will bring it to a halt but see how far it gets first. Some items like a lightweight cone and a sturdy brick wall are put in the toy's....Read More


"25 Exercise Games and Activities for Kids" ages 5 - 8

"25 Exercise Games and Activities for Kids"

Is the Weather really bad but you still want to exercise? Read up on 25 exercises you can still try indoors. The list includes hopscotch, popcorn pushups, silly shakes and freeze....Read More


"The Scary Skeleton" Song ages 5 - 7

"The Scary Skeleton" Song

This skeleton knows how to move! Watch and listen to him while he dances and sings the fun (but not that scary) skeleton song! He starts off by singing 'I am a scary....Read More


"Rock and Roll" Games ages 5 - 7

"Rock and Roll" Games

Try out the three games and levels. In the medium level game you must help Max by moving the boulder to the correct place by either pushing or pulling the boulder. The hard game requires you to apply the right amount of power as well as the correct pull or push. In the really hard game you must try and work out what is the likely....Read More


"Rock and Roll" printable worksheet ages 5 - 7

"Rock and Roll" printable worksheet

You must decide whether Max needs to either push or pull in each of the five objects on the sheet. Can you work out which....Read More


"Forces and Movement" Game ages 6 - 7

"Forces and Movement" Game

This movement game has two cars on a track. A small, lighter car and a heavier one. A plunger pushes the cars and an elevated road uses gravity to set the car in motion. How far will the cars travel before....Read More


"The Park" activity ages 6 - 11

"The Park" activity

Take a look in the Park to see which activities are in progress. Move your mouse around and see if you can find all of the activities. Then click on each activity to find out more about it and especially the benefits of each one. See if you can find activities such as dancing, tennis, ....Read More


"Rock-It-Ball" game ages 6 - 11

"Rock-It-Ball" game

This is the electronic version of Rock-It-Ball where you have to hit your opponents with a ball below head height. The aim is to avoid hitting your own team players as they run past (they are wearing blue) but try and hit the red team.....Read More


"Basketball" game ages 6 - 11

"Basketball" game

This is an electronic version of Basketball where the coach has given you a challenge to try and beat his score of 25 hoops in two minutes. This is all abut speed and....Read More


"Bounce" game ages 6 - 11

"Bounce" game

The electronic version of using a Space Hopper! You need to first build up some vertical height and see what distance you can get to in metres along the country path. First click on the instructions to see how to play which explains how to bounce using the space bar and then then the space bar and right arrow key. There are....Read More


"Swimming Pool Chaos" game ages 6 - 11

"Swimming Pool Chaos" game

The electronic version of swimming with other swimmers, crocodiles and sharks but a little less dangerous than in real life! Collect coins in the swimming pool and avoid the sharks. The aim is collect 99 coins without being eaten or being knocked over by an....Read More


"Skeletons and Muscles" Activity ages 7 - 11

"Skeletons and Muscles" Activity

You need to help Steve film various animals and then edit the footage for his 'Deadly 60' show. Watch the videos of each of the animals then try the activity and see if you can put the correct bones in the correct place of the animals' body. Then try the Quiz to see if you can work out which animal is best suited to certain movements or....Read More


"Moving and Growing" Activity ages 8 - 9

"Moving and Growing" Activity

Watch how a human, a horse, a fish and an ant move by pressing the 'move' button. Then click on the magnifying glass to learn some fascinating facts about these animals. Next step is check out their skeletons and see if you can match the correct labels to the right part of each of the animals' body parts.....Read More


"Fun Generator" activity suggestion tool ages 8 - 16

"Fun Generator" activity suggestion tool

If you want some ideas on how to get moving and exercising whilst having loads of fun, try the United Kingdom Health Service's Fun Generator! There is a mobile app and web app. Select how many people will play and whether you want to play indoors or outdoors. Then the Fun highlights a vast array of superb activities to help get you....Read More


"Friction" Activity ages 8 - 9

"Friction" Activity

This is another game for learning all about car movement. Watch a car from the future being pushed by a plunger whilst you change the surface from vinyl to wood, ice or carpet. Push the car harder or more softly and see how far it gets on each surface before friction brings it to a halt. Which surface do you think the car will go....Read More


"Move and Mixer Dance Creation Tool" activity ages 9 - 12

"Move and Mixer Dance Creation Tool" activity

If you enjoy dancing and want to really get moving and grooving, then why not create your own dance routine? Once it is created, select the speed and....Read More


"Forces and Movement" Activity ages 10 - 11

"Forces and Movement" Activity

In this informative activity, use the elevation to set the truck in motion by releasing the barrier. Watch how far the truck gets along the track before friction brings it to a halt. Then you can change some variables to see the effect on the distance traveled. Firstly, add some air resistances via either a small or large parachute or....Read More


"What is Gravity really" Revision Notes ages 10 - 14

"What is Gravity really" Revision Notes

This topic on the official NASA website explains how gravity causes movement. Some information on Einstein's theories are given plus some interesting questions even he couldn't answer. There is a great 3D-like animation showing how gravity works. A section of "Fundamental....Read More


"Gravity Launch" Space Game ages 10 - 14

"Gravity Launch" Space Game

The learning object of this fantastic interactive game is to try and understand how gravity and orbits work to give satellites an orbiting movement round the earth. The game itself has 5 missions each of progressively harder difficulty. They let you launch a rocket into space. You need to choose the correct angle and thrust for the....Read More


"Shoot a Cannonball into Orbit" Game ages 10 - 14

"Shoot a Cannonball into Orbit" Game

The game tries to give an example of Isaac Newton's teachings by trying to make a cannonball orbit the earth by shooting it into space off a very high mountain. You need to try and use the correct amount of gunpowder otherwise the cannonball will fall back to earth under the action of gravity or it will....Read More


"Movement and Exercise" Revision Notes ages 11 - 16

"Movement and Exercise" Revision Notes

Learn all about joints and movement and how the skeleton enables movement. Some of the key components for movement are bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, synovial fluid and ligaments. Find out in depth how these work. Exercise is also discussed. Exercise programmes and fitness assessments are discussed and these can be put together by....Read More


"Forces and Motion" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Forces and Motion" Activity

Learn all about distance-time graphs, speed and velocity in this interactive tutorial. You can work out acceleration and deceleration on a velocity-time graph as well as distance travelled. After that,....Read More


"Momentum" Interactive training Activity ages 11 - 16

"Momentum" Interactive training Activity

Watch the video which will explain all about momentum which is defined as a moving object's tendency to remain moving in the same direction. The mathematical equation to work it out is: Momentum = mass x velocity. There is a cannonball activity which tries to explain all about Conservation of Momentum (the small mass cannonball moves....Read More


"Circular Motion" Revision Notes ages 11 - 16

"Circular Motion" Revision Notes

Learn how objects are kept moving in a circular motion as opposed to a straight line by Centripetal forces. There are plenty of examples of this in the real world such as a motorbike turning a corner or the moon orbiting the earth. Read....Read More


"Satellites, gravity and circular motion" Revision Notes ages 11 - 16

"Satellites, gravity and circular motion" Revision Notes

Why do planets orbit (move around) the sun? Gravity and Centripetal force are the reason! Then the difference between artificial and natural satellites is explained followed by a demonstration of satellites in Geostationary Orbit and satellites in polar orbits. Finally, the gravitational force versus distance inverse square....Read More