Teach my child about 'Speed, Agility and Reaction Time' Exercises
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Speed, Agility & Reaction Times Exercises

Speed, Agility & Reaction Times Exercises

Speed, Agility and Reaction Time are an important part of athletics, sport development and for general health.

See out article 'SPEED, AGILITY AND REACTION TIME OVERVIEW' for general information on the subject before carrying out the exercises and, as with all exercise programs, consider consulting a doctor or physician before starting.

Speed is the ability to move quickly, usually over a short distance but this might not necessarily be in a straight line and agility is the ability to efficiently and quickly modify your body position.

Here are a set of 21 speed and agility exercise videos to help improve your child's athletic performance :

  1. 2 Step Over/Back
  2. Scissor Hops
  3. Icky Shuffle
  4. Half H Drill
  5. Figure 8 Drill
  6. Reverse Zig Zag
  7. W Zig Zag
  8. 2 Cone Shuttle w/ Shuffle
  9. 3 Cone w/ Broad Jump, Figure 8
  10. Broad Jumps
  11. One Legged Hops
  12. Squat Jumps
  13. Lunge Jumps
  14. Rebound Box Jumps
  15. Chair Rockets
  16. 2 Ft Hurdle Run
  17. Lateral Hurdle Run
  18. Lateral Hurdle Zig Zag
  19. Hurdle Icky Shuffle
  20. Ladder 123-Ins
  21. Ladder Icky Shuffle w/ Stick

"Speed and Agility Exercises" Resource

"Speed and Agility Exercises" Resource

Follow the link to access 21 free youth speed and agility video exercises.