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Healthy Nutrition (i.e. a Healthy Diet) for your child is all about making sure they eat and drink the most appropriate foods and fluids to help them grow and develop both mentally and physically in the best way. Children with a healthy diet will usually suffer less health problems, live longer and also do better at school and perform better at sports.

See our article here in the Nutrition Section 'HEALTHY NUTRITION OVERVIEW' for more information.

Rather than copy the above article, a very brief bullet point summary is as follows:

  • Good nutrition for your child means eating lots of healthy macro-nutrients (protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and fiber. This means that they should ideally eat lean meat, nuts and legumes (beans, lentils etc.), good fats from oily fish or olive oil, low GI whole grains for carbohydrate energy (e.g. from pasta and oats) and sufficient milk and dairy for calcium (but not too much due to fat)
  • Bad nutrition is processed foods (tins and cans, pre-packaged foods and sauces etc.), refined / processed sugar (desserts, candy etc.) and saturated fats (e.g. fried fast foods).
  • As well as nutrition, it is important for your child to do lots of exercise, hydrate well and get lots of sleep