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Child Obesity

Child Obesity

Rather than duplicate information here, please refer to our 'CHILD OBESITY' article in the Health Section. In current times there is an ever-increasing percentage of obese children worldwide. These children are likely to die earlier and lead less joyful lives. There is far more chance of obese children becoming socially isolated and also of turning into obese adults with all the likely health problems that will inevitably come their way as they age.

The reasons why some children become obese are exactly the same reasons that some adults do. It is usually a combination of a poor nutrition, lack of exercise both at school and at home, lack of sleep and too much time spent doing sedentary activities (watching TV or playing on a phone or tablet). Eating healthily is definitely one of the biggest ways parents can contribute to their child's weight management.

Many parents/guardians often suffer from the same issues due to significant time pressures in their lives and a perceived lack of time to prepare healthy meals (relying often instead on pre-prepared processed or fast foods on order to fit in the necessary family activities. Schools are measured by governments usually only on academic performance and not health performance so focus has tended to reduce at school too.

Many countries recommend using BMI as a test to see if children are overweight or obese but we don't recommend that method and instead recommend a simple Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer to measure Body Fat. See why in our 'BMI or BODY FAT' article.

For advice on which foods to eat and which to avoid, check out the rest of the Food and Nutrition part of our website as a whole and in particular our article 'HEALTHY RECIPES'.