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Safety Overview

Safety Overview

If you are thinking about keeping your child free from harm you have come to the right place. We have LOADs of fun games and activities that your child can do with or without your help that will teach them about Home Safety, Tips against Bullying, Road Safety, Car Safety, Cycling Safety, Fire Safety, Safety from Poisoning, Water Safety, Electrical Safety, Dog Safety, Sun Safety, Food Safety, Railway Safety and more!

Why should you read this Safety Section? Why bother reading up on this apparently morbid subject? Well, because it could save your child's life!

In 2008 in England and Wales 207 deaths were recorded due to accidents. This is happening EVERY year. Young promising lives are being lost needlessly since most can be avoided.

In the United States between the years 2000-2006 an average of over 12,000 children died in EACH of those years due to unintentional injuries.

In addition MILLIONS of emergency department visits are required for UK and US children every year for unintentional injuries. Some are extremely serious.

You have 2 choices as a parent: either stick with the status quo or to proactively make safety improvements based on our info. We strongly advise the latter. What does that mean in practice? Well read on.....we'll tell you!

What can I do about it?

Read this article carefully and decide if you want to do a little extra to keep your children safe. This is a small investment of your time but could be the best investment you ever make. If you decide your children are worth this investment, then read the rest of the section carefully and take some of the key actions.

But I can never make things 100% safe.....

Yes you are right. Nothing is 100% safe. But (you knew there was a but!) taking a number of simple steps can help prevent serious accidents or a death to one of your children.

Over to You

Hopefully after reading this article you've decided to make some safety improvements. Just work your way through the safety sections on this website and print off the 'key actions' that you can take. Then try and implement as many as you think you can.

If you have limited time, prioritise on those sections that have the highest accident or mortality rates and take some of the recommended steps there.

Remember the statistics at the top of this page, real children are dying causing untold grief to their families. Please please make yourself a promise : to work through this site and see if you can identify ways to minimise the chances of a child in your family becoming the next victim. Remember in the U.S. 32 children a day died from 2000-2006. This is a REAL issue.

A 2-Minute Exercise

Go to a spare room that is quiet. Spend 2 minutes and imagine going to your child's funeral next week. Imagine the pain. Do it now.

Now it's time to decide, do you train yourself and your kids up in safety topics or don't you?

Write your answer on a sticky note. Write simply "SAFETY YES" or "SAFETY NO". If it is "YES" stick it to your fridge. If it is "NO" throw it in the bin.


Hopefully you said YES and if so great! Remember this will be fun in terms of games and activities for your kids. And as an added bonus you get to spend a bit of quality time with them too! But you don't have to sit and watch them play, just let them play.

Good luck and enjoy!


"Home Safety Magazine" From the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP)

"Home Safety Magazine" From the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP)

In this magazine there is 'News', 'Ask the Pediatrician' (views on home safety), 'Your Home - A Safe Place to Live and Play' (advice on the topic), 'A Message for Grandparents' (Safety info when looking after your grandchild), 'First Aid at Home' (general first aid info), 'Clean Clothes, Comfy Baby' (how to keep them clean plus the benefits) and 'Buttons and Battery Injuries' (awareness of the major issues these can cause).