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Accidental Deaths

Accidental Deaths

Approximately 200 children die accidentally every year in the UK, the vast majority preventable.

In the United States over 12,000 children died EVERY YEAR in the years 2000-2006 (which is 32 children PER DAY) as a result of unintentional injuries.

Even just a single death to one of these children is an absolute disaster and has wrecked numerous lives of family and friends. Take it seriously.

This data is deliberately presented in a very simple format and is meant to be brief. It has been included to give you a feel for what is involved.

Key causes of accidental deaths in children (age 0 -14) [Office of National Statistics, Child Accident Prevention Trust]

Transport 35%
Asphyxia 29%
Drowning 13%
Fire/Flames/Smoke 6%
Poisonings 4%
Falls 3%
Electrocution 2%
Struck by 2%
Other 6%
Total child deaths 200

Violent Deaths

Key causes of accidental deaths in children (age 0 -14) are approximately: [Office of National Statistics 2008]

Suicide 22%
Homicide 50%
Open verdict 28%
Total Violent Deaths 46

The biggest killer of children on the accident statistic is either being a pedestrian or being in a car. Then cycling and motorcycles are the next highest.

Obviously other significant causes are of accidental deaths are asphyxiation and drowning. Then the next level of causes are fire, poisoning, falls, electrocution etc.

Violent Deaths are also a major issue and the causes of these need to be understood and mitigated against.