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Non Fatal Accident Statistics

Non Fatal Accident Statistics

Obviously many more children are seriously hurt rather than killed. Of the approx 1 million recorded accidents to children in the UK in 2002 (this is the latest data gathered from UK Hospitals Accident & Emergency departments), these were evenly split (50:50) between home and leisure accidents.

In the United States between 2000 and 2006, there were around 9.2 Million (9,200,000) unintentional injuries EVERY YEAR resulting in an initial trip to an Emergency Department. Some of these were extremely serious.

And remember, just a single serious accident to one of these children is an absolute disaster and has wrecked numerous lives. Take it seriously.

This data is simply presented in a very simple format and is meant to be brief. It has been included to give you a feel for what is involved.

The Accident Data

Key causes of A&E accidents to UK children (age 0 -14) : [Office of National Statistics 2002]

Total A&E child accidents : 900,000 of which

Injury Type
Falls 32.7
Struck By 22.9
Cuts/Punctures/Crush 10.2
Foreign body 6.1
Thermal effect 4.2
(Suspected) poisoning 3.7
Other 3.6
Bite / Sting 2.2
Acute overexertion 2.1
Chemical effect 0.6
Suffocation 0.5
Electric Radiation 0.1

Key accident areas for A&E accidents to UK children (age 0 -14) : [Home & Leisure Accident Surveillance System 2002]

Injury Area %
Lounge/study/living/dining play area 25.2
Garden:grass/lawn/plant beds 17.4
Bedroom 16.5
Landing 13.7
Kitchen/utility room 10.7
Stairs/steps-outdoor 7.8
Bathroom/toilet 3.6
Porch/threshold 2.1
Other 1.7
Garage 0.5
Shed,outbuilding, coal bunker etc. 0.2
CeIlar / basement 0.2
Balcony 0.1

Leisure Accidents to Children 0-14 (2002) TOTAL 1.1 Million

Urban road/street/pavement 13.7
School/nursery/kindergarten playground 12.7
Inside schooll/university/college ex. sport 6.9
School/college sport field/outside court 5.8
Sport field(outside track/court ex. edcn) 4.8
Parkland / cemetary / gardens 3.9
School/college sport hall/gymnasium/etc 3.5
Public playground 3.1
Education area unknown if in or outdoor 3.0
Others combined (all smaller) 42.5

Key causes of Serious Transport accidents to children (age 0 -16) : [UK Government Dept for Transport 2008 ]

2008 Under 16 Serious Transport Accidents UK (Total = 2800)

Pedestrians 64
Car drivers and passengers 17
Pedal cyclists 15
Motorcycle riders and passengers 2
Bus, coach passengers 1
Others 1
Goods vehicle passengers 0

Falls were by far the biggest accident cause to children (approx 33%) especially through windows and down stairs when younger but others such as struck by (e.g. car accidents as pedestrians or being a passenger in a car accident) and cuts/punctures/crushing , foreign bodies, heat issues and poisonings were prevalent.

At home, most accidents happen in the living areas but most serious ones are in the kitchen or due to falls from stairs, windows or balconies.

Obviously other causes like fire, poisoning, choking, drowning etc. all need our attention as parents too.

During leisure time, unsurprisingly, roadway/parking areas, school playground and general leisure facilities had the largest accident numbers.

Being aware of this information can give parents the motivation to help improve the safety environment for their children.