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Kitchen Safety

Kitchen Safety

In the UK over 1 Million accidents to children per year result in visits to the Hospital Accident & Emergency Department and in the US this figure is approximately 9 Million. In the worst case children can be killed or seriously disabled by accidents in the home.

Children learn by exploring and we don't want to stop or prevent that but it is worth looking at each area of the home and trying to make it as safe as possible.

The Kitchen is where most serious accidents in the home occur. Follow our safety tips below to reduce the chances of an accident in your home.

Safety Tips for the Kitchen

  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children
  • When cooking always use the back cooking rings
  • Never leave hot drinks close to the edge of work surfaces/tables so they can be pulled over
  • Ensure kettle leads/flexes are not to the edge of work surfaces/tables so they can be pulled over
  • Don't let children anywhere near hot appliances (toaster, oven, cooker, kettle)
  • Don't have hot drinks when around children. They can jump on you unexpectedly
  • Do not leave sharp objects such as knives or scissors in accessible places
  • Do not put chairs or any other climb-able object near the cooking section of the kitchen
  • Add child locks to all cupboards accessible to young children
  • Clean up all spills as soon as they happen, especially on tiled floors which can make them slippy
  • On tiled floors do not allow children to run around in socks or stockings which can easily make them slip over
  • Chip pans are notorious for causing fires or scalds. If possible don't use them and if you must never leave them unattended
  • Do not warm baby's milk up in the microwave since it can warm up unevenly and be hotter than you think
  • All poisonous or corrosive substances such as detergents, bleach or medicine should be kept in a locked cupboard at high levels. Dishwasher tabs are especially dangerous as they are often brightly colored and appeal to young children.
  • High chairs should have a 5 point harness and your child securely strapped in
  • Ensure you have a working smoke & carbon monoxide alarm that is close enough to the kitchen area but not too close so it goes off every time you cook
  • Cook food thoroughly especially meats for children and avoid raw seafood and unpasteurised milk and cheese. Very young children should avoid honey.
  • Avoid accessibility to choking foods for younger children (nuts, grapes, popcorn, boiled sweets etc.)
  • Ensure children always wash their hands before eating
  • Install approved electric socket safety covers