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Living Area Safety

Living Area Safety

Over 1 Million accidents to children occur each year in the United Kingdom and in the US 9 Million requiring Hospital Accident & Emergency visits. Sometimes children can be seriously injured or worse still killed by accidents in the home. The Living area is where most accidents in the home occur. Follow the safety guidelines.

Safety Tips for the Living Area

  • Install approved electric socket safety covers
  • Ensure furniture such as TV Sets are not so heavy as to cause a danger to children who could climb and pull them over onto themselves. Or make sure they are completely secure if they are. Ensure wall mounted ones are fixed correctly to the wall in a secure manner with approved bracketing.
  • Do not leave babies alone high up (e.g. on armchairs or settees)
  • Ensure TVs are up against the wall to prevent access to the cables or to the sockets
  • Never use baby walkers : they have been known to cause injuries to children
  • Install properly fitted and approved, secure fireguards in front of fires and wood burners. Do not dry clothes next to them in case they catch fire. Don't allow children near these anyway.
  • Ensure carbon monoxide alarms are fitted and regularly tested near any fires to pick up incomplete combustion of various fuels
  • Do not allow radiators to become too hot or provide guards
  • Ensure low level glass is fitted with safety glass or protective film which prevent it breaking easily. Mark it with colourful strips to make it visible.
  • Move lamps or other breakable glass objects away from children's reach
  • Tidy up regularly to remove tripping hazards
  • Place cushions over hard surfaces while children are playing
  • Fit corner protectors on the edge of sharp furniture or edges
  • Younger children can be strangled by blind cords so do not have these accessible to them.
  • If your living area has a balcony, ensure it is fully barriered off with no access to children. Do not allow any climbable objects to be placed close to the rails and ensure children cannot squeeze between gaps in the rails.