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Stairs and Hall Safety

Stairs and Hall Safety

Over 1 Million accidents in the UK (9 Million in the US) happen to children resulting in Hospital A & E visits. Time and time again serious injuries or even deaths occur by accidents in the home. The Stairs is an especially dangerous area where many serious accidents are reported. Follow these top tips and make your home much safer!

Safety Tips for the Stairs and Hall

  • Install an approved certified stair gate at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent younger children climbing the stairs or falling down stairs.
  • The top stair gate must never have a bottom bar which is a serious trip hazard in itself : some gates designed for the bottom have these bottom bars but never put them at the top. Ideally buy ones without a bottom bar at all.
  • Do not accept slippery polished stairs in your home. These are an accident waiting to happen. Make sure they are carpeted or fit anti slip devices.
  • Ensure the stair side rails are physically sound and the gaps between the rails cannot be slipped between by smaller toddlers. Make sure they are not climbable and never allow chairs or something that can be climbed next to them.
  • Fit a smoke alarm at the top and bottom of the stairs to warn of smoke from downstairs and regularly test it
  • Do not have glass doors at the bottom of stairs
  • Never have tripping hazards on the stairs (eg. toys) including badly worn carpets
  • Install approved electric socket safety covers on any sockets in this area
  • Move lamps or other breakable glass objects away from children's reach
  • Never carry really heavy items down the stairs without ensuring all children are safely out of the way. A dropped wardrobe (e.g. in house removals) or heavy TV dropped down the stairs has in some instances killed inquisitive young children at the bottom.