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Railway Safety

Railway Safety

In Australia there are about 20 serious railway (train related) accidents per year with children aged under 19. Some of these are obviously fatalities. The older a child is, the more likely they are to be injured (they are more likely to 'play' near railway facilities and possibly be involved in a car/train collision).

The top accident types for children in Australia are:

  • Pedestrian injured in collision with train
  • Car occupant injured in collision with train (older children)
  • boarding or alighting from train
  • falling from the train
  • falling in the train

In the UK there are approximately 40 accidents including fatalities at level crossings. A similar number are injured or killed every year at the PTI ('passenger train interface') at a railway station

Railway Safety Tips

Follow our guide below to help minimise these incidents to your children:

  • Be very careful with children when at passenger train interfaces i.e. when boarding or alighting. Keep an eye on children vigilantly at all times and hold hands if required.
  • Don't allow children to open windows and lean out during train journeys. Keep them well supervised.
  • Be aware injuries occur when falling in trains (e.g. hitting heads against tables if knocked off balance). Consider ways to minimise this.
  • Don't allow children to play near railway facilities
  • Train children on railway safety. There are some amazing online games, activities. See the grow-wings children's site
  • As a minimum, ensure children know the following AND the reasons why:
    • Not to play near railway facilities,level crossings and railway bridges. For example don't play with a ball on a platform or near rail lines.
    • Never climb through or over railway fences next to railway tracks
    • To take care when boarding or alighting trains
    • Never to climb on railcars or trains in case they set off
    • Not to play in rail boxcars in case they get trapped inside where they may not be found
    • Not to put anything on a rail track
    • Not to throw anything at a train
    • When children learn to drive, make a point of going over the safety procedures around level crossings.
    • Don't fly kites or fish anywhere near overhead electric railway cables
    • Discourage railway graffiti

"Railway Safety Pack for Parents" resource

"Railway Safety Pack for Parents" resource

This great set of resources from Network Rail has excellent Safety Information for Parents. This includes : 'Parents fact sheet on level crossings safety', 'Rail Life Safety Guide', 'Using level crossings' and 'Film - Crossing Over'.